Jy Young Min

Interior Architecture

”From the beginning the experience was amazing for me.

Everyone I have been in contact was extremely helpful and kind.

The Academic advisor was very instrumental in my success. The classes are structured to address individual student needs. The courses are focused on getting students ready for the job market.

The instructors are always available to answer questions, at any time. They kept me focused and rooted in my studies.

The program itself was very manageable with my already busy life.

I would say that you will get out of this program what you put in it.

It seems that they have made virtually impossible to fail if you put in the work.

Best decision I have ever made!!"

Kate Sol


Three years of hard work at Marbella Design Academy payed off! - & I got a 1st Class BA Hons Degree. Professional and experienced teachers who passed on not only theoretical elements, but knowledge of the industry from the very inside of it. All tasks and assignments were created in a way that you learned and practiced to get only better and better within time restraints. It took time and patience combined, but for me it was most  important to be inspired and feel motivated- at Marbella Design



This school has taught me so much since the very beginning. Not only did MDA inspire me and develop my understanding of fashion design, as well as making new friends along the journey. Upon my graduation this winter (2015), I can say that I higly recommend MDA to newcomers!



Didi. 19 year - Malta Studying for my BA (Hons) degree Fashion Design I chose Marbella Design Academy after coming to see the school, as one of Spain's highly recommended design schools. On visiting the Academy I immediately felt a welcoming feeling which was only enhanced after meeting the extremely kind staff. I was given a tour around the academy by the head of fashion who was extremely passionate about the subject and the academy itself, which made a large impact on me.


Interior architecture

Josefine W. 25 years - Stockholm. Interior Architecture 1st year. I feel that I learned a lot. Right now I build and design a hotel reception / lounge in the Maldives, with influences from Islamic architecture. I like Spain very much and I love the lifestyle, the sun, and making friends of diverse cultures from around the world. I want to work on major projects. The future, I look forward to!


Interior architecture

Miriam, 25 years from Gothenburg - Sweden. I am studying interior architecture in my the first year of study. My dream has always been to move to Spain and I have always been interested in interior design, so I wanted to combine my two interests. The best thing about studying in Spain apart from the good weather is that you get to meet new people and learn a new culture.


Interior architecture

Farah, 21, Lebanese. 1st year Interior architecture. I chose Marbella Design Academy for me to graduate with a certified BA Honors degree awarded by Middlesex University London. At Marbella Design Academy there are only a few students in each class. You have the freedom of asking as many questions you desire and have one-on-one attentiveness from the teacher. Monda is a quiet, relaxing village. All the students live here. I'm going to work at my Grandfathers Architectural Company in Kuwait.



Diptee - Hong Kong. Graphic Design 3rd Year Marbella Design Academy is an exclusive design school with international mix of students from all around the world. I am fond of Spanish culture and language. There is great amount of one to one interaction between students and teachers. Monda is a village with minimum distractions. I prefer tranquil area since I come from a busy city like Hong Kong. I would like to continue to work as Graphic Designer here in Spain.



Hafiz Rosli, 26, Gothenburg - Sweden Graphic Design, final year (3rd). I chose Marbella Design Academy because the school is multicultural and offers a world class education in a congenial environment. Definitely the weather and live style that comes with it is great too. I have just received some job offers waiting for me when I finish, so I look forward to my future.


Interior architecture

Eisa, 20 years old, from Qatar Interior Architecture Course in my final 3rd year. I'd been in Spain the summer before I applied, and I enjoyed it. It is certainly my favorite factor that the Marbella Design Academy is not bigger that you have instant feedback and can ask the useful but silly questions no one would ask in a big crowd. I live in Monda and like it is quite and close to the academy



Lauriane from Switzerland. 2nd year Fashion Design I really like studying at Marbella Design Academy. We have opportunity to experiment and create exactly what we want. The teachers are great! Help us to realize our wildest ideas. Here are many different nationalities and cultures. We are offered great opportunities to enter in the working world, many design competitions and fashion shows. I won two times at Malaga Fashion Week .



Raïssa, 23, Netherlands. I am a third year fashion design student. I chose MDA because I wanted a new experience abroad and studying seemed like a good idea. I chose Marbella Design Academy because I wanted a new experience abroad and studying seemed like a good idea. The best thing about Marbella Design Academy is that it is an international collage, so you meet people around the world here.


Interior Architecture

Jessica, 20 years 1st year Interior Architecture. Choosing Marbella Design Academy was definitely not hard. I fell in love with the University the first day I looked at the website and on my visit to Spain. Everyone here at Marbella Design Academy are very friendly and make you feel loved. Marbella Design Academy is your second home. You stay until late afternoon. You gain so much experience. I live in Monda. People are friendly, almost all the students live there. I love it.