Graphic Design & Media.

Being a graphic designer opens a wide range of professional horizons. Depending of your personality, style  and domain of interest, you could work on graphic design, package design, motion or web design... You are limited only by your imagination. 

"Sister Nancy", 1st-year Graphic Design and Screen Printing project. 14/08/2020

Sister Nancy cover album for "Music for your Eyes", one of our 1st-year Graphic Design & Media assignments that was presented this week at Marbella Design Academy by our January intake students.

Each student had to create their own version of an existing music album cover.

This project by Emma Andrew published on our Instagram page includes graphic design and screen printing!

And don't forget that there are more designs to discover on our Instagram account!

"Adas", branding project at Marbella Design Academy. 23/07/2020

"Adas" is a branding project presented by Alejandra Balmseda during her 3rd Graphic Design & Media year at Marbella Design Academy.

Based on the concept of a new sugar-free restaurant, she created the logo and full application of its concept for all restaurant needs.

The animation below will show you the key part of her research and development described in her presentation workbook.

Renée Andréasson launched her website! 10/07/2020

"Hey There! My name is Renée Andréasson and I'm a graphic designer, freshly out of school with a BA (Hons) degree. I strive to create functional, minimalistic and quality designs."

This is how Renée Andréasson, one of our recent graduate in Graphic Design & Media, presents herself on her brand new website!

She displays her latest design projects, her "logofolio", social networks link, and more.

If you like graphic design, you should definitely visit it! >>

"District Abstract" by Carla. 24/06/20

For her final Graphic Design project, Carla Stirnatis developed a brand for a tattoo shop focusing on high-quality art and an industrial style.

She wanted to, develop a complete brand experience, experience the world of District Abstract, a high-end tattoo studio bathed in dreamlike neon lights, surrounded with dark, thumping underground beats and weird, intricate art.

We do think she made it, but go ahead, and give us your feedback.

You can see more of her designs at:

Graphic Design Guest Lecture. 02/06/2020

Guest lecture for our graphic design pupils by our former student Meli Rodriguez, multidisciplinary artist: video editing, DJ & music producing will share her experience and creative process with all us. 

Discover what our Design Foundation Course is like from a students perspective. 21/04/2020

Tiffany was part of our latest Design Foundation Course, and she is sharing her experience.

Since then, Tiffany joined our BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Media validated programme. What a better excuse to showcase what you could be doing if you join this programme after completing our Design Foundation Course.

The art of album covers. 20/04/2020

Great project by our 1st year Graphic Design & Media student Ellen Andersin. She posted her final piece as well as her development process on her Instagram account

"Very excited to share this project with you guys! 🌈 THE ART OF ALBUM COVERS 🍌

We were asked to create a magazine spread for a topic of our own and this is my take on the most iconic album covers 🤘🏼 The spread works as an introduction to a long article 📰

Collage made with Procreate on iPad and other stuff on Photoshop and InDesign"

Don't give up! 03/04/2020

Today we decided to repost a work by Carla, one of our Graphic Design & Media students, originally published on Instagram.
We thought it appropriate to share it with our Facebook community.

"A few days ago I saw a picture of a doctor who was fighting against Corona for so long that his mask had started to cut into his face. His name is Dr. Nicola Sgarbi and he says he is not a hero. And maybe he isn't - I firmly believe that all humanity is fundamentally good and wants to help each other even to the point of exhaustion - but his dedication is still amazing to me. I can't go into a hospital and help there, but what I can do is honor his effort by doing the thing I do best: Drawing. So, hero or not, he is now immortalized. And so is his message.
Don't give up. Never. "

Carla's project are on her instagram profile:

And remember, #staysafe, #stayhome.

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"Fraser Strength" by Max Goodwin. 23/03/2020

Starting the week with a great final project published by our December 2019 Graphic Design Graduate Max Goodwin.

Max, now back in his native Canada, has published on Behance last week some of his great "real life" works.

The one below was presented as his 3rd-year final project.

Thank you for sharing, Max!

If you like it, check out his other projects on his Behance profile.

Manga Illustration Time-lapse. 06/02/2020

What happens when you give free rein on a project to a 3rd-year graphic student?
From our experience, you always get something very personal and unique, and this is exactly what happened when Felix Perez presented his impressive manga illustration time-lapse.

If you like illustrations and manga or anime, you will love this 2 minutes video.

Design Graffiti at Marbella Design Academy! 02/12/2019

Tagging the academy's wall with the word "design" seemed like the obvious thing to do to our 3rd-year graphic design student Sofie Krause, as part of her "design digest" project.

And we thought it was a great idea too, so we let her do it.

Creating this graffiti took her a day and a half, and she then "time lapsed" it in a 2 minute video.

Web Concepts. 08/11/2019

Web Concepts by Max Goodwin, 3rd-year Graphic Design student at Marbella Design Academy.
Creating landing pages, experimenting with grid layouts and finding new ways to integrate interesting type into vivid photography.

You can see more of Max Goodwin works and projects at Max Goodwin Design, and on his website:

Package Design. 28/10/2019

Our 2nd year Graphic Design students are presenting their packaging projects this very morning. We could not resist showing you a few pictures of their design process, from original sketches to final package mockups creations.

If you are into Graphic Design, stay tuned as we will be displaying their final projects very soon.

Product Packaging - Wine packaging research field trip. 07/10/2019

Marbella Design Academy likes to work closely with local companies.
One of our regular partners is the stunning Bodegas Descalzos Viejos, located on the edge of the breathtaking cliff of Ronda.
Our 2nd-year Graphic Design students visited it on Friday as part of their product packaging research and, making the most of this sunny day, took a few photos.

Videography Summer Course. 29/08/2019

Warning! This video contains student videography projects!
Only 2 days before the end of the Videography Summer course, we decided to film our students and our "filming and shooting" tutor in order to create a short video using the material they would have produced themselves.
The result is this 2 minutes video, which is a great memory for all those involved.

Thank you to our fantastic students for their energy and the passion, and of course to our instructors, Meli Rodriguez and Cyriel Vaes.

Summer funtime learning! 22/08/2019

We finished our Photoshop summer course last week, and our students came up with some great pieces of digital work.

Digital works by: Stanislav Tkachenko, Leopold Brouant, Maxim Alpatov, under the supervision of Andrea Giorgi.

Music for your eyes! 09/08/19

This week our 1st year January students presented their music themed project. Album covers and mock ups and, soon to be published music videos. From Cypress Hill to Josylvio.

No summer break at Marbella Design Academy! 01/08/2019

Jak Greaves who participated in our Illustrator summer course created last week some beautiful piece of works. The starting point was the Netflix documentary "Chasing Coral", but we did end up "Chasing Cacti"...

Photoshop Hyperlapse!

Photoshop hyperlapse video of Kevin Krögerström's 3rd-year "Design Digest" project at Marbella Design Academy.

Maybe the best Photoshop Hyperlapse we have published so far.

Kevin recently graduated and is now one of the CEO's of Nordic Design & Architects.

You can also see more of his deigns at

Real life graphic design & marketing projects by Savannah Moorghen-Young. 06/06/2019

Throughout January and February, she completed a six-week internship with LYD Bali group in Indonesia. Logo Design, Social Media Post Design, and Booklet Design, in Bali style.

Logo Creation for London Flatmates by Savannah. 21/04/2019

Savannah is a 3rd-year Graphic Design student at Marbella Design Academy, and whilst working on her final project, she also kick-started her career.
Well done Savannah!

Want to see more?
Visit her Facebook page Savannah Katarina Design and/or check her website!

Graphic Design project for Bushido by Buddha-Bar. 17/05/2019

We are really proud to share today a real life graphic design project that Lotta Ugge, 3rd year student, created during her internship at Arion Media in Bahrain for Bushido by Buddha-Bar.

Very clean and attractive designs. Well done Lotta.

Hawk Tail real Life project at Marbella Design Academy. 11/04/2019

How many branding and package proposals do you need to present until you satisfy your client's expectations?
The video below, based on a real life project, will give you a better idea of the whole process.

Max Goodwin, a 3rd year Graphic Design student at Marbella Design Academy, created the branding, the website and the packaging for Hawk Tail Brewery based in Alberta, Canada.

Bink in the Online Essential Magazine edition. 29/03/2019

It's so nice to see Bianca Violet Rose Germaux, recent Marbella Design Academy Graphic Design graduate student, interviewed in the March Essential Marbella Magazine online issue!

If you want to see more of her great designs, visit

#Climate #Fridaysforfuture 15/03/2019

Thousands of young climate change activists in at least 112 countries will participate today in one of the biggest environmental protests in history, asking their governments to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Our students at Marbella Design Academy are also concerned about the environment, and some of their designs reflect it, as you can see below.

"Plastic Iceberg" by David Frohlich, 1st-year Graphic Design project at Marbella Design Academy.

Night at the movies!

Alternative movie posters by our 1st year Graphic Design students at Marbella Design Academy.

Product Branding and Packaging.

EyeM Product Packaging video, part of 3rd-year Graphic Design project by Babette Huitsing, at Marbella Design Academy Our recent Graphic Design graduate displays the packaging and branding material created for her sunglasses brand.

Photographs, illustrations, screen prints... In 2 words: ART EXPOSITION.
This collective work by 5 Marbella Design Academy graphic design students was hosted in May at Monda townhall.
Art by: Max Goodwin, Jamie Dumbarton, Max Salmi, Alejandra Balmaseda & Sandie Smillie.

Marbella Design Academy Graphic Design "Dr. Matt Black" student project, by El Nadeem El Rawi. 

Pictures from our Winter 2017 Expo.

"Sailor Jerry" wine packaging project by Sandie Smillie at Marbella Design Academy, international design school. Graphic Design project.

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry