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Being a graphic designer opens a wide range of professional horizons. Depending of your personality, style  and domain of interest, you could work on graphic design, package design, motion or web design... You are limited only by your imagination. 

Logo Creation for London Flatmates by Savannah. 21/04/2019

Savannah is a 3rd-year Graphic Design student at Marbella Design Academy, and whilst working on her final project, she also kick-started her career.
Well done Savannah!

Want to see more?
Visit her Facebook page Savannah Katarina Design and/or check her website!

Graphic Design project for Bushido by Buddha-Bar. 17/05/2019

We are really proud to share today a real life graphic design project that Lotta Ugge, 3rd year student, created during her internship at Arion Media in Bahrain for Bushido by Buddha-Bar.

Very clean and attractive designs. Well done Lotta.

Hawk Tail real Life project at Marbella Design Academy. 11/04/2019

How many branding and package proposals do you need to present until you satisfy your client's expectations?
The video below, based on a real life project, will give you a better idea of the whole process.

Max Goodwin, a 3rd year Graphic Design student at Marbella Design Academy, created the branding, the website and the packaging for Hawk Tail Brewery based in Alberta, Canada.

Bink in the Online Essential Magazine edition. 29/03/2019

It's so nice to see Bianca Violet Rose Germaux, recent Marbella Design Academy Graphic Design graduate student, interviewed in the March Essential Marbella Magazine online issue!

If you want to see more of her great designs, visit

#Climate #Fridaysforfuture 15/03/2019

Thousands of young climate change activists in at least 112 countries will participate today in one of the biggest environmental protests in history, asking their governments to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Our students at Marbella Design Academy are also concerned about the environment, and some of their designs reflect it, as you can see below.

"Plastic Iceberg" by David Frohlich, 1st-year Graphic Design project at Marbella Design Academy.

Night at the movies!

Alternative movie posters by our 1st year Graphic Design students at Marbella Design Academy.

Product Branding and Packaging.

EyeM Product Packaging video, part of 3rd-year Graphic Design project by Babette Huitsing, at Marbella Design Academy Our recent Graphic Design graduate displays the packaging and branding material created for her sunglasses brand.

Photographs, illustrations, screen prints... In 2 words: ART EXPOSITION.
This collective work by 5 Marbella Design Academy graphic design students was hosted in May at Monda townhall.
Art by: Max Goodwin, Jamie Dumbarton, Max Salmi, Alejandra Balmaseda & Sandie Smillie.

Marbella Design Academy Graphic Design "Dr. Matt Black" student project, by El Nadeem El Rawi. 

Pictures from our Winter 2017 Expo.

"Sailor Jerry" wine packaging project by Sandie Smillie at Marbella Design Academy, international design school. Graphic Design project.

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry