Interior Architecture & Design.

Project briefs, conception, design, floor plans, technical considerations, materials and textures, renders... Interior Architecture projects need time and planning, but the work of our Interior students are pieces of art and design.

Gucci Interactive Virtual Retail Store Design by Lovisa. 07/08/2020

In 3 weeks only, our 1st-year students  had to research, develop and create a retail shop, providing floorplans, sections, 3d models and renders of the store.

Have a look at this store proposal for the Gucci brand.

Project presented today by Lovisa Glimsvenden.

Also visit Lovisa Gucci store 3cd model below:

"River in the sky" Interior Architecture & Design project by Kim Arnold at Marbella Design Academy. 14/07/2020

Final project of our 3rd-year student Kim Arnold at Marbella Design Academy.

Her goal was to design a smart common space in order to easily enable society to actively engage in sustainable smart design.

"The existing natural resources should be enhanced by incorporating technology - to be able to lower pollution levels, sea levels and other climate change factors. The areas in this project will create different spaces for people to enjoy nature and be constantly surrounded by it. Such areas include: study areas, a playground area and a relaxation area."

Beautiful work Kim!

Interior Guest Lecture. 25/06/2020

Our May and June Interior Guest lectures!

Interior Architecture guest speakers and critics. 28/04/2020

The modern education system has made guest lecturers and critical supports an important part of the learning strategies, therefore, we are happy to introduce you to our next two Interior Architecture guest speakers and critics:

Michael Belay, founder and director of Open Architecture Studio in Brisbane.

Ehsan Valipour, lecturer at the faculty of art and architecture of Mazandaran University.

They are both scheduled to join in with the Interior Architecture course and review next week, and we can't wait to meet them online.

"Interior Architecture & Design, what they had to say about Marbella Design Academy!" 27/04/2020

We very much appreciate our student testimonials at Marbella Design Academy, as our students opinion is so valuable to us. Unfortunately this year we did not have the time to film as much as we would have liked. Still, we compiled a short Interior student testimonial video from footage originally taped for a Summer Expo video.
We shall call this video: "Interior Architecture & Design, what they had to say about Marbella Design Academy!"

Reform and Rehabilitation project in just 15 seconds! 17/04/2020

Thank you! 06/04/2020

Thank you so much to Ahmed Amin, Design Director at Atriomilano, for his great testimonial!

Last week we invited him to attend one of our 3rd year Interior Architecture & Design classes and we could not be more pleased with his feedback.

Find daily design on our Instagram! 31/03/2020

Remember that we post on our Instagram account daily. And not only do we have our generic Instagram account, but we also have a very active Instagram account dedicated just to Interior Architecture and Design! Click on the links below if you want to access them, and then don´t forget to follow us!

"Swissport Aviation Business Lounge Swissport - Interior Design" by Nahla Hemeda and Ghizlaine Bennouna. 13/02/2020

It is so fulfilling for us at the Academy to see the great projects that our former students are bringing to life. It is even better when 2 of our former Interior Architecture students, Nahla Hemeda and Ghizlaine Bennouna, get together to create such a beautiful space for the Swissport Aviation Business Lounge.

"So proud and happy to have finally finished one of the most instructive and fulfilling projects with the best partners Ghizlaine Bennouna and Dounia Benjelloun !!" - Nahla Hemeda.

See more of this great project on our success stories page.

Resort Redesign. 14/02/2020

How can you redesign, in a sustainable way, the rooms and entrance of one of our prestigious local hotels, creating a unique structure that would flow throughout the entire project?
Not an easy task, but Sonora, one of our Interior Architecture students, created just such an innovative project.

We liked it so much that some of her renders are in our latest brochure.

Moodboards, development process, sketches, floorplans and sections, and eventually, renders.

"Unity" 3D Walkthrough. 27/01/2020

"Unity" is an Interior Architecture project by our 3rd-year student Kim Arnold at Marbella Design Academy.

"Unity" is a community center project, creating a space that inspires a feeling of security and openness. The main purpose of this building is to be a library that can also offer other functions inside its space, such as exhibition center, cinema, coffee and meeting point.

A great place to get together for curious and creative minds.

Back to school! 20/09/2019
After a long enjoyable Summer, all of our Bachelor of Arts students are back, and already this week there was quite some activity in our new workshop!
Students practiced their model making skills, using some models of our last expo as references, under the watchful eye of the new Head of Interior Architecture, Dr Caterina Sposato.

Rehabilitation Centre 3D Walkthrough - project by Kim Arnold. 24/07/2019

Animated render of a rehabilitation centre project that evolves around the concept of nature and olive trees in order to create a warm and safe atmosphere.

Wooden material, green colours, open spaces and, of course, olive trees, are part of the project development.

"Drop". 31/05/2019

"Drop" is a project by Kim Arnold, 2nd-year Interior Architecture student at Marbella Design Academy. A conceptual bar designed on an existing bridge structure in the Marbella area that adjusts to natural light to create a casual atmosphere at all times.

Sustainable Reform project. 25/04/2018

One of the greatest challenges for future designers is to build in a sustainable way in order to lower human impact on our environment.

Our 3rd-year Interior Architecture student, Ásta Jóhannsdóttir, presented a sustainable reform project this week.
She redesigned an existing 60 years old building located in Palm Springs, and we thought we would share her rendering.

Reform and Rehabilitation Interior Architecture project. 28/03/2019

Project designed by our 3rd-year student, Fadi Al Sahmarani.

Concept, maps, 3d images, renders.


Urban furniture design project inspired by Oscar Nimeyer, by Kritsine Midjaas, 2nd year Interior Architecture student at Marbella Design Academy.

Do you have a passion for Interior Architecture and sunny Spain?
Exclusive Marbella Design Academy offers you an excellent Bachelor of Arts validated programme in Interior Architecture & Design!

Flashback. 23/04/2019

Our 3rd year Interior Architecture students are about to start working on their final project.

No better excuse to display last year video: Sample of June 2018 Interior Architecture & Design.
Project displayed by Julian Stahlhuth, Jessica Livon, Jamie Mccullough, Noora Rimmi and Mohi Rech.

Interior Architecture students testimonial!

Video prepared with our Interior Architecture & Design students for the summer Expo and Graduation party 2018. We wish them all the best in their new Interior career! 

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As an innovative Interior Architecture & Design school, Marbella Design Academy teach sustainability.
Sustainable architecture minimises the negative environmental impact of buildings. We also found out it produces great students projects.

Robin Ahlgren Karlsson presents his 3rd year Interior Architecture project at Marbella Design Academy. A Boutique Hotel and Wine Museum project.

"Art Education Centre for Childhood project" by of our recently graduated Interior Architecture students, Jy Young Min. Don't miss out her testimonial. >

Winter 2017 - Mix of Interior Architecture & Design Projects.

"A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually."

John Saladino